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The First Step To Better Hearing

Better hearing begins with a careful and thorough evaluation of your ability to hear. A diagnostic hearing exam determines the type of hearing loss, the degree of hearing loss, and the treatments possible to assist in hearing better. At Flourtown Audiology we use the latest technologies to assess your hearing ability using a variety of hearing tests.

We Offer More Than Just Hearing Tests!

At Flourtown Audiology we also offer speech testing, speech in noise testing and aided testing for your hearing needs.

What To Expect During A Hearing Test

Detailed Medical History

Through a series of questions we will learn about your medical history. We will also ask about any medications and supplements you take.

Physical Ear Examination

The next step is an ear examination. We will examine the structure of your ear with an otoscope to see if there are any obvious ear issues.

Impedance Audiometry

Impedance audiometry involves sealing the ear canal with an acoustic probe combined with a pressure pump. Reference sounds are played whilst the pressure is rapidly changed. The difference between the pressure emitted and that recorded by the probe depends upon the impedance of the middle ear. It is therefore possible to determine the amount of sound energy absorbed by the tympanic membrane.

Pure Tone Test
Pure tone testing measures hearing using a variety of pitches, or frequencies. During this test patients wears earphones so that data can be collected from each ear.
Speech Testing
This test helps to evaluate a patient’s reception to speech and their ability to discriminate certain consonant and vowel sounds. It assists in further evaluating the auditory system.
Speech in Noise (SIN) Testing
This test will measure how well a patient hears in background noise. It helps to evaluate a patient’s hearing ability when presented with a difficult listening situation.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids