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Flourtown Audiology has been providing superior hearing healthcare services to the community for more than 10 years.


We pride ourselves on making sure our staff is trained with one thing in mind.  Making sure your visit is as stress free as possible. 

What we Do

Testing & Evaluations

Hearing Tests for Adults

​​​​Hearing evaluations are used to determine a patient’s ability to hear different sounds and words at different sound levels. 

Hearing Aid Consultations

You know you need hearing aids but maybe you aren’t too sure about the selection process, we can help. Your listening needs, physical abilities, and budget concerns are the most important considerations when choosing hearing aids. 

Tinnitus Evaluation

It has been estimated that 15% of the population in the United States has tinnitus which lasts greater than 5 minutes. It has also been estimated that 155 million patients have previously sought care for this symptom.


Hearing Aids

How Do You If You Have a Hearing Loss?

The social implications of untreated hearing loss are numerous and often profound. These include impaired job performance, increasingly stressful marriages and damage to other important relationships.  Frequently others mistake the effects of hearing loss for mental deterioration, confusion, aloofness, and social isolation when hearing loss makes normal conversation difficult or impossible. Most hearing loss doesn’t happen overnight.  Here is a quick little quiz that can help to determine if it’s time to get your hearing checked.  Count the number of “yes” answers.  Scroll down to see an interpretation of the results.

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